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Drying of Metal Strips

Side view of typical gas heated WSP floatation furnace
WSP Whispher Dryer for Strips

Drying Plants

You can profit from our experience with more complex drying plants. For example, solvent dryers, which require a special safety strategy. These are designed according to the latest standards such as DIN EN 1539. Optimize your existing plant: A convective dryer, for example, is normally much more efficient than an IR dryer. They often provide also other savings, e.g. the solvents of the exhaust gas can be used to preheat the fresh air flow.

Key Features

  • Our dryers are particularly quiet and efficient. They ensure reliable drying even under suboptimal conditions (high humidity, moderate pre-sqeezing).
  • Our standard dryer is extremely compact. With a length of just 1,200 mm, it can be optimally integrated into existing lines.
  • The dryer is electrically heated and it is equipped with a precisely tuned WSP fan impeller.
  • Upon request, the dryer can be equipped with a fresh air control to ensure that only the amount of air which is needed in order to achieve a constant humidity is fed in.