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Repair and Modernization of Strip Floatation Furnaces

Inner Views of WSP floatation furnace before after

If you can answer one of the following questions with “YES”, please contact us:

  • Is the throughput of your floatation furnace not satisfying?

  • Is the stability of the strip run or the annealing result (e.g. planity) not satisfying?

  • Is the condition of the furnace zone (usually the inner components) critical so that problems result?

In these cases, WSP can help you! We check your plant and show you improvement opportunities. From minor repairs, exchange of damaged internal parts up to the exchange of the complete plant, we have everything already done. We always make sure that the rebuilding time is as short as possible.

Continous improvement!

The modern WSP Strip Floatation Furnaces are extremely robust and durable. In particular, we have optimized:

  • Massive design of nozzle systems, typically 3 mm sheet thickness

  • Massive design: reinforcements at many components

  • Massive design: improved geometries, less flat surfaces

  • Material selection for the individual parts according to temperature and mechanical stress

  • Maintainability: all WSP Strip Floatation Furnaces are easily accessible and maintainable (e.g. approx. 600 mm passage width in a 650-furnace).

Generally, in addition to the improved durability, we can also enhance the efficiency of your plant. Of course also our nozzle system has become more powerful und offers an improved strip stability.

Project schedule: example of a furnace exchange with a German customer

15th Dec


Set-up of new switching cabinets, preparation of wiring and mechanical piping

16th Dec


Last production day of the old plant

17th Dec


Deconstruction and removal of the old system

19th Dec


Set-up and alignment of new plant

03th Jan

Install and Commission

Mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning

4th Jan

Restart Production

Start of production, 1-shift

7th Jan

Produce Full

Standard production, 3-shift

Views Before / After

Old furnace New WSP Furnace