HExAR high temperature furnace
WSP HExAR® High Temperature Furnace


If higher temperatures above 850°C are required for special alloys, the capacity of a strip floatation furnace decreases rapidly. High temperature furnaces designed by WSP can anneal strips even up to 1000 °C (contact-free).


The abbreviation HExAR® stands for Horizontal Extended Annealing Range. This refers to the extension of the annealing temperature range, but also to the extension of the strips span width (heating length) of the furnace which increases the furnace throughput.


Features of our HExAR® Furnace:

Capacity WSP HExAR Furnace
  • The HExAR® Furnace extends the annealing range up to 1,000 °C
  • Free choice of protective gas atmosphere: air, nitrogen, forming gas with up to 5% hydrogen are possible
  • For all protective gas atmospheres highest throughputs are achieved (q.v. graphic). Even if higher throughputs are required, this can be achieved by the use of higher hydrogen proportions. The HExAR® Furnace can be equipped with all required safety equipment.
  • A high convective heat transfer allows an excellent reproducibility of the annealing processes.
  • Burners with flameless oxidation for low emissions and most uniform temperature distribution in the radiant tubes are installed.
  • Optimization of the flow by means of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), verified on our WSP test plant
  • Optimization of the metallic components by means of FEM (Finite Element Method)


All important features of the strip floatation furnaces have been adopted to the HExAR® Furnace:

  • Easy maintenance: all zones are accessible from inside
  • Very low hydrogen consumption, only 5 Nm³/h
  • Individual zones with the possibility to set a temperature profile
  • Low strip tensions
  • Straight radiant tubes (extended lifetime)


Find Further Informtion about our WSP HExAR® Furnace in our Publication:

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